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Step into the magical world of Tiny Minies: Miniminia and meet its lovable characters. Join them on their playful adventures filled with curiosity, friendship, and fun!


Hungry tummies, beware! Bongo makes the yummiest snacks in Miniminia – everybody wants seconds! Welcome to Bongo's kitchen, where he whips up the most scrumptious cookies and tasty treats for picnics in Miniminia Park. With a dash of realism and a sprinkle of quick wit, Bongo's cooking is a panda-monium of delight!


Fufu is a helpful donkey who's got the stubbornness and determination of a champ! Though a bit stubborn, Fufu has a heart as big as her ears! She's the go-to healer for both bumps and blues, but she'll soon learn that teamwork makes every "hee-haw" a cheer!


With big glasses and a bigger brain, Kivi's the wise bookworm who loves to share knowledge! Kivi's the book-loving brainiac who's ready to share information to all who ask. Her wings may flutter, but her heart is pure gold!


Luna's the swimming star with dreams of being a ballerina – she's a splash of ambition! Luna dreams of twirling as a ballerina, but she's got to work on her "hip-po-waiting" skills! With ambition as big as her belly, Luna learns the art of patience in Miniminia's watery world.


Meet Lora, the cutest explorer who loves discovering new things with her big, curious trunk! With a trunk full of curiosity, Lora's the tiniest detective in town! She sniffs out secrets and discovers wonders that make the others say, "Ele-fantastic!"

Moka & Mika

These playful pups are the leaders of the pack, ready to play and bark all day! These dynamic siblings are the leaders of the pack! Mika's rules are paw-sitively important, while Moka's sporty spirit always gets tails wagging!


Hop along with Mimi, the fluffy fashionista who loves to strut her stuff! Mimi hops around with joy, a fashionista in her own furry way! She's a loving fluff-ball with a sprinkle of whimsy – and sometimes, her bunny brain takes the lead!


Misti's an artist with a purr-fectly creative mind and a magical touch! Meow's the time to meet Misti, the painter with a heart full of emotion! But when excitement strikes, he stutters like a fluttering brush, learning to embrace his art with confidence!


Chill and wise, Naga's the gardener with a green thumb and peaceful vibes! Naga's tranquil garden blooms with flowers that dazzle and veggies that amaze. Relaxing at his own pace, he's like a wise leaf that listens to every woe, offering friends advice as sweet as honey from bees!


Oli is the master of fun and games, swinging from trees and inventing cool stuff! Oli swings through Miniminia with a mind full of marvelous inventions! His wild ideas are like banana splits – you never know if they're deliciously genius or just a bunch of fun!

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