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Thoughtfully designed to inspire and empower young minds; each subject we offer forms a gateway to a world of exploration, creativity, and growth. From mathematics and reading to artistic expression and scientific wonders, our subjects encompass a diverse spectrum of learning experiences tailored for preschoolers.

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Mathematics Exploration

Counting, basic shapes, patterns, and early math concepts through engaging activities.

Count, Shape, and Play with Numbers!

Young learners dive into the exciting world of numbers, shapes, and patterns. Through interactive activities, children develop early math skills that form the foundation for future mathematical understanding.

What They'll Explore:

      Delve into the world of numbers
      Recognize and explore various shapes
      Create and recognize different patterns
      Introduction to addition and subtraction

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At Tiny Minies, we've woven an exclusive learning approach that sparks children's curiosity and infuses every moment with wonder. Through our innovative blend of play and education, guided by educators and child development specialists, we've created a world where learning is an enchanting adventure.

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