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At Tiny Minies, every moment is a chance for your child to discover and grow. Our goal is to make learning fun and exciting, helping your child develop important skills while having a great time. With games, activities, and stories that are like a magical key to learning, your child can explore, play, and become their very best self.

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Our app is designed in collaboration with teachers, ensuring alignment with educational goals and nurturing holistic development.

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With COPPA certification and stringent safety measures, you can trust Tiny Minies to provide a secure online environment for your child.

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Our app seamlessly blends education and play, ensuring your child engages with content that's both enriching and enjoyable.

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Tiny Minies is available on tablets and phones, offering flexible access to learning whether at home or on the go.

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Growing with Tiny Minies

Explore our age-specific learning outcomes that ensure a holistic journey of discovery, engagement, and achievement



  • Vocabulary and Word Play
  • Early Language Combinations
  • Comprehension and Communication
  • Emotion Expression and Connection

Cognitive Development

  • Sensorimotor Exploration and Object Permanence
  • Growing Language and Memory Skills
  • Discovering Cause and Effect
  • Imaginative Play and Pretend Adventures

Social Emotional Learning

  • Building Trusting Relationships
  • Expressing Emotions and Developing Self-Awareness
  • Beginning Empathy and Understanding Others' Emotions
  • Exploring Parallel Play and Shared Experiences

Gross Motor & Fine Motor

  • Grasping and Exploring the World
  • Beginning Independence in Movement
  • Developing Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Exploring Whole Body Movements

Self Care

  • Exploring Independence in Daily Routines
  • Developing Toilet Training Awareness
  • Engaging in Basic Self-Help Skills
  • Building Self-Expression and Communication
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Discover Learning Across Subjects


Introduction to letters, phonics, sight words, and interactive stories to foster a love for reading.


Counting, basic shapes, patterns, and early math concepts through engaging activities.

Social Skills

Learning about emotions, empathy, and cooperation through interactive scenarios and stories.


Artistic expression with coloring, drawing, and hands-on crafts, nurturing imagination and fine motor skills.

Problem Solving

Brain-teasing puzzles and games that promote critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Expert Insights: Tiny Minies through an Academic Lens

Gain insights into Tiny Minies' educational prowess from the perspective of kids' education experts and witness how our app becomes a catalyst for joyful learning and holistic development for children.

Dr. Kylie Peppler

Professor of Informatics & Education
University of California, Irvine

Why Parents

Tiny Minies

My favorite part is being able to set screen time as a parent. The screen turns off automatically, we can leave the tablet without a crisis. 🥳🥳



Number games are a great way for my daughter to develop basic math skills. The different levels of challenge allow her to learn in a continuous way.



Audio books😍😍😍 help my child enrich their vocabulary by supporting their language development. It offers both a fun and educational reading experience.



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